friends and partnerships

the little prince world wide

Since its first publication in 1948 the little prince has conquered the whole world. 80x million copies have been sold, there are translations in more than 200 languages and dialects. There are also many friends and admirers of the little prince, societies and communities, networks ... and of course a variety of websites from which we would like to compile a small list.

1. the website of Michael Pätel (Germany), a colourful bunch of little princes all over the world.

2. Another friend of the little prince that does a lot of promotion for us is Jaume Arbonés from Brasil. And that's his site!

3. A huge collection of translations and versions of the little prince comes from Antonio Massimo Fragomeni (see here)


4. Patrick Tourreau in Paris, France has a nice overview of lots of languages and friends of the little prince (his page can be found here).

5. the page of Gerhard Volz (Austria) shows lots of informations about different language versions of the little prince (here).


The following people are actually involved as a sponsor of the second edition. Sponsors will be kept informed in a regular newsletter on the development of the project to date. And their names will appear in the Second edition and be spread all over Eastern Africa!

  1. MªDolors Llansana, Igualada (Barcelona, Spain)
  2. Jaume Arbonés (Brasil)
  3. Antonio Massimo Fragomeni (Rome, Italy)
  4. Fuencisla Gozalo Sanmillan, Madrid (Spain)
  5. Gerhard Volz (Austria)
  6. Jean-Marc Probst (Switzerland)
  7. Eva Ebel (Karlsruhe, Germany)
  8. Patrick Tourreau (France)
  9. Angel Carascull Adell (Barcelona, Spain)
10. Martin Guerrero Morais (Karlsruhe, Germany)
11. Uschi Kruse (Karlsruhe, Germany)
12. Annette Bundi (Germany)
13. Hartmut Spring (Germany)
14. Yildiray Lise (Turkey)
15. Claudio Salvatore (Italy)